Cost of Re-Wiring A House

Cost of Re-Wiring A House

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Electrician Cost of Re-wiring a House

Cost of Re-wiring A House in Hampshire?

A rough estimate for cost of re-wiring a house varies,  a 3 bedroom house costs on average somewhere between £2,500 and £4,500 depending on where you live in the country. In other words, the higher end prices  will always end up being in places like London and the Southeast where labour always costs are at a nice premium Which have recently gone into average costs for different jobs.

There are many factors that determine the average cost of rewiring a house.

  • The house size will determine how much wiring is needed. Similarly, whether your home is a bungalow or a house; likewise, how many bedrooms it has; and the overall floor area all have a say. And consequently, if there is a lot of wiring to change, the labour charges increase too.
  • The number of light fittings and socket outlets will also determine the amount of wiring needed. This also determines the amount of work needed to install the fittings. As light fittings go hand in hand with light switches, one will determine the amount of the other. Light switches, sockets and the wiring that feeds them can be either easy or difficult to fit depending on whether the walls are solid or hollow.
  • Wall material has a lot to do with the amount of work involved and the amount of mess made when rewiring. Hollow walls made from stud partitions and plasterboard are often easier to work with than solid brick or block. Hollow walls allow the electrician to pull wiring through long runs of the wall cavity.
  • Quality of fittings can vary the cost of a wiring job dramatically. You can either use the cheap white plastic light switches, sockets and bulb holders or use more expensive materials such as brass. Which type you use will depend on the décor in your house and your budget.
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms need special wiring and fittings depending on what appliances you have. Bathrooms need special light switches so that wet hands do not come into contact with electricity. If you have an electric shower, it will need its own power feed directly from the distribution box. You may also have an electrically heated towel rail and an electric shaver point. Don’t forget that this applies to en-suite bathrooms as well as main ones. Rewiring a kitchen is probably one of the most labour intensive jobs. The kitchen needs the most electrical sockets of any room in the house, to serve all the electrical appliance found there. Furthermore, an electric oven and hob will need its own feed direct from the distributor box.

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