When to Buy Composite Doors

When to Buy Composite Doors

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First question you need to ask is when did you get your front door? If you can remember when you last changed it. Then the main question is when and what type of doors you want to get.

The two main options people will choose between nowadays is a uPVC door or composite front doors which are made from a range of materials. They are made up of uPVC, wood, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic (GRP).This combination of materials makes the door very strong and secure, meaning they’re the latest choice for homes looking to upgrade their security and kerb appeal.

There are 3 reasons that it’s time to buy a new composite front door.

Do you fit into one or more of these categories…

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1. Is your current doors costing you money

Are you feeling any new draught coming from around your front door? The chances are it’s letting cold air in. And that means it’s letting warm air out. Doors always lose heat, but older doors will have much less insulation in them causing heat to escape right out which could you to spend more money on your heating bills.

Older doors can also warp, which will create gaps around the door frame for heat to pass out. All in all, updating to a new front door could pay for itself in energy bill savings.

2. Want a more secure home

Whatever their value, almost everybody will have some form of prized possession in there home. Whether it’s the wifes jewellery you bought for xmas, your brand new TV or the kids computer, you don’t want your property being stolen by someone else. If you’ve got an old front door, it could actually be a security concern.  A new composite front door will be much more secure compared with an older one. It will have more security features and normally have several locking mechanisms inside the door to make it more secure and should be more difficult to damage.

3. You want to sell your home

If you are looking at selling your home in the next few years once we have got through this corona virus, a new front door could help you sell your property quicker. As the first thing any buyer will notice when they approach your home is the front door and like everything in life first impressions still always count.

A composite front door is the door that buyers are looking for these days, so even though it maybe slightly more expensive than the usual wooden door or uPVC door.

Still not sure if a composite door is for you? Take a look at other front door materials and compare them to see which comes out on top at Get A Tradesman