Converting A Conservatory Into An Office

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, it was estimated that by the 2020s half of the UK’s workforce will be working remotely. Now that concept has been forced, and businesses have had to build the framework to make it happen. Working from home and converting a conservatory is going to be likely for many more people in the post-COVID-19 reality.

If working from home is going to be a much larger part of your life. Then it’s likely you’ve been thinking about creating a dedicated office space. Many people have already converted their spare rooms, attics, and even garden sheds into bespoke offices. But one very popular option is converting the conservatory.

A home office needs to be peaceful, practical for your needs, and professional, without too many distractions. The conservatory is perfect. As it doesn’t require you to give up any of the bedrooms, and you can move your work away from the kitchen table.

So how exactly do you go about converting a conservatory into an office?

Here are our 5 top tips for turning your conservatory into a feature office space.

  1. Consider Creating a Multi-Purpose Space

A conservatory can add significant amounts of floor space without worry over planning permission. For anyone who struggles with space at home, then a conservatory not only makes an ideal office but a multi-purpose space.

  1. Work with the Natural Lighting

One immediate benefit of having your home office in the conservatory is the ample natural light. But for those unrelentingly sunny days, you may need to be able to control the lighting.

Blinds can help control the light through the windows, and roof insulation can control the light through the roof, and lamps can help you enjoy the ambient light in the evening.

  1. Think About Electrical Sockets and WiFi

Few people would be working at home without a computer, so you need to consider access to electricity and WiFi. When planning your office, think about the number of sockets already available, how many you’ll need, and whether they are in the right location.

If there are problems with potentially poor WiFi coverage, WiFi extenders can be used to make sure that the conservatory space enjoys fast internet.

  1. Make Sure That You Add Extra Security

Keeping expensive equipment and computers in an old, dilapidated conservatory can spell disaster. Modern conservatories are made with security in mind. Ensure you invest in triple-glazed windows, new locks, and keep any equipment out of sight when not in use to keep your office secure.

  1. Protect Your Furniture from Sun Damage

As mentioned, controlling the light in a conservatory is important, but there is also the added need to control sun glare, as it will slowly fade furniture over time.

Conservatory roof insulation is fantastic for sun glare control. The insulation, installed on the roof, eliminates any issues with the sun damaging gadgets, furniture, or soft furnishings.

Don’t struggle with trying to work from the dining table, if you want a conservatory for your home office, then come and talk to home improvement companies today.