how to fit a shower

how to fit a shower

Have you bought a new shower and need to no how to fit a shower. Wither its a shower to replace an existing shower you already have or maybe you don’t currently have one fitted. Well here at Get A Tradesman we have created this guide how to fit a shower.

Tools and materials

Before beginning this project you will need to gather all of the the following tools and materials so your new shower installation will run smoothly:

  • Shower unit
  • Drill
  • 15mm piping
  • Stud detector
  • Electrical cables
  • Pencil
  • Pull cord switch
  • RCD (residual current device)
  • Screws
  • Wall plugs
  • Silicone sealant
  • Sealant gun
  • Shower hose

Choosing your new shower

There is a range of different options available for your new shower in the shops that you can currently purchase. With options like electric electric and power showers to mixer showers. So you can work out the best option for your home we have outlaid a brief description below for you.

  • Power shower: Great water pressure, needs both hot and cold water supply, and is perfect for homes with low water pressure.
  • Electric shower: Small, needs no hot water supply and is relatively easy to install.
  • Mixer shower: Requires both hot and cold water supply, plus needs good water pressure to function.

Installation Process

It is possible to tackle the installation of most showers yourself, however, we will focus on electric showers. This is due to their easy installation process and popularity. Keep following the below steps and you will quickly learn how to fit a shower:


  • First of all decide where you want to put your new shower wither it is placed over your shower, or if you are creating a cubicle and walk in shower.


  • Locate your cold water supply (adjacent to your water storage tank) and lay a 15mm pipe, finishing at the location of your new shower.
  • Measure and use a pencil to draw where your shower unit will sit.
  • Before drilling, always use a stud detector to check for pipes and electrics.
  • Once you are ready, use a drill to install a pipe behind the wall where you have marked.


  • Use the drill to make a hole for your electrical cable to reach your shower.
  • Install a pull cord switch onto the ceiling inside or outside of your bathroom. This is essential to keep you safe while using your electric shower.
  • You will need to hire an electrician to check your electrics are secure and to make the final connection. This is a legal requirement, so please see our electrician hourly rate cost guide to find out prices for this. If you feel unsure or confused during any stage of installing electrics it is always safer to hire a professional than muddle through.
  • Don’t forget to use an RCD for safety.

Fitting the unit

  • Use your shower unit and a pencil to draw marks where you need to drill holes for fitting.
  • Drill holes in the tiles with a masonry bit.
  • Connect the shower unit to the previously installed electrics and piping.
  • Use wall plugs and screws to secure your unit to the wall.
  • It is also a wise idea to use sealant to ensure these wall plugs are fixed in place.
  • Attach the unit cover and the shower hose.
  • Test the connections.
  • Congratulations, you now know how to fit a shower.