Which home improvements add the most value?

Which home improvements add the most value?

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Every home seller in the UK wants to sell their home at the price they want without indulging in any bargains. If you are one of those, you need to make your home the most sought-after listing in your neighbourhood. How can you do that? With the right home improvement projects, you can modernise your UK home, but which home improvements add the most value? add more visual interest and functionality, and make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

Home improvements to bag the most significant profits

In this blog, we are listing some of the essential home improvement projects in the UK that have a higher return on investment and will definitely boost the value of your home: But Which home improvements add the most value?

1. Adding a new bathroom

Adding a bathroom suite can drastically increase the value of your home in the real estate market. If your budget does not allow you to add a new bathroom, don’t worry! You can simply give your existing bathroom a new look and feel it by re-grouting, eliminating limescale or updating the fixtures. To make the bathroom more calm and relaxing, paint it with a neutral shade. This will make your home an attractive property in the market.

2. Replacing doors

First impressions are often the last impressions, and nowhere is this more true than in real estate. Your exterior doors cast the first impression on the visitors and can make or break your home’s visual appeal. So, make sure that your house doors are well-maintained and welcoming. If they are damaged, consider replacing them. However, if they are in decent condition, give them a power wash or a fresh coat of paint. While you are cleaning your doors, do not forget the doorknobs, house number or name sign.

3. Re-modeling the kitchen 

Your kitchen is another room in your home that can make or break your home’s “sell ability”. Therefore, you cannot afford to neglect this part of your home if increasing home value is your ultimate goal. And if you cannot afford an entire makeover, you can consider refreshing your kitchen by painting units or replacing the cupboard handles and doors. Even something as simple as changing the lighting will make a world of difference.

4. Opening up space

Opening up living spaces—particularly for the kitchen and the dining room—is becoming a popular trend among homeowners across the UK. Combining spaces and making it one “huge” space will give a more sociable space that the entire family will enjoy. This is something that most home buyers would love.

5. Improving energy efficiency

These days, curb appeal is not the only deciding factor. Because people are becoming more aware, they are looking for more energy-efficient homes. Adding smart home technologies to your house—such as mobile control overheating systems—can make your house more attractive to potential buyers.

Though these home improvement projects might be a little expensive. Once done right, they will drastically increase your home’s value.

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