How Much Does It Cost to Double Glaze A 3 Bedroom House

How Much Does It Cost to Double Glaze A 3 Bedroom House

Double glazing in the UK is a very common occurrence nowadays. But With most home improvements nowadays there can be a massive difference in price. So how do you no if your getting the best bang for your buck. As here at Get A Tradesman we get asked on a regular basis how much does it cost to double glaze a 3 bedroom house.

Steps To Do Before Double Glazing Quote

The first thing to do to find out how much does it cost to double glaze a 3 bedroom house is to work out how many windows you are going to need.

Not all 3 bedroom houses will have the same amount of windows. You will then need to decide what style of windows you want to have. As you may currently have sash windows or bay windows installed. And if you wish to change to another style it could increase the cost to change it.

If you take a standard home casement windows as a general rule will be cheapest option. Over the other style of windows that are available on the market place. Like tilt and turns, sash windows or bay windows plus many other different other varieties.

Second thing to take into account is deciding on what type of material you want your windows and frames to be made from as there are a few options available with cost implications.

  • uPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Soft wood
  • Hard wood

It is normally seen that uPVC windows are normally considered to be comfortably be the cheapest option for the material that windows can be made from. With aluminium and wood being the more expensive option to choose use for your new windows.

Third thing you will want to think about is the personal touches you might want take on your new windows. So the first thing you may want to consider is colour as uPVC windows will normally come in white.

But there are many other options, but there is a cost implication. Such as artificial woodgrain in different tones of brown most commonly or you can have them made to order in just about any other colour if you willing to pay the extra bit on your bill most noticeably being variations of brown or green.

So How Much does It Cost To Double Glaze A 3 Bedroom House

uPVC Window Costings

uPVC windows are widely regarded as the cheapest option when you are getting a double glazing or triple glazing quote. Now depending on if you want to use a local double glazing company or one the large national companies. You can pay anywhere from £300 -£600 per window for casement windows. Which works out for the average 10 window house between £3000 -£6000 before the discounts come in.

Aluminium Windows and Wooden Windows

Aluminium windows and timber windows have a tendency to be more expensive than the more common uPVC casement windows. Yet again like with uPVC windows prices will vary depending on where you decide to go to and the size of the company. But as general rule for 10 windows you would be looking at roughly £6000 -£8000

Bay Windows Costing

The bay window is one of the most expensive windows you can get. Which will normally be at the front of the house but because of there size they do tend to be that bit more expensive. Average prices will normally start at around £2000, bay windows can start at as little as £1000 and go up as high as £2500 depending on the spec you require.

If you would like any help with getting any local or national double glazing quotes contact us and compare your window quotes today.