Misted Double Glazing in Hampshire

Now that winter has us in its vice-like grip, no doubt you’re all spending more time inside to escape the cold. And in doing so, you might well have noticed that there are a few draughts here and there, or perhaps you’ve spotted some condensation and cold spots around your double glazing in hampshire.

If so, it may be that you need to upgrade your windows from single to double glazing, or you may need to have your existing double glazing looked at and potentially repaired.

You might not need to buy new double glazing, so don’t always think that this is the only course of action. If the glass is blown and the seals have failed, for example, you might be able to just replace the glass, which will be a lot cheaper. Secondary glazing is also an option if you live in a building with restrictions in place, such as a period property.

If you know your home has ventilation issues, you might want to think about having trickle vents in the frames as this can help moisture in the air escape – but we can advise you on this so you know if it’s necessary or not.

Those of you opting for new double glazing might also want to consider having extra security measures installed at the same time, as well as energy-efficient add-ons and safety glass. You can even invest in self-cleaning glass these days, which could prove very useful indeed!

For advice on double glazing in Hampshire, get in touch with us at Get A Tradesman today.