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The top 10 ways a homelift can save you money

How choosing a Stiltz has risen to the top of the financial planning list

At the moment, people are looking at ways to reduce their financial outgoings. Costs are soaring across all sectors and the economy is not especially stable, so we’re all seeking ways to make every penny count.

Financial tips and life hacks relating to cutting costs are now an essential part of how we budget. The general trend emerging from all this advice is clear; buy once, buy smart; and a Stiltz Homelift certainly embodies this philosophy.

Here are 10 reasons why buying a Stiltz Homelift stands up to a rigorous cost-benefit analysis:

1.  No costly building work

Rising prices have hit the building sector hard with increases in cost reflected back to the consumer. A homelift negates the need for an expensive ground floor conversion or extension which in turn saves on money, time and upheaval.

2. Future proofing for changing needs

A Stilt Homelift is a one-off purchase and will see you through any changes in mobility, allowing you to accommodate a wheelchair if necessary. A stairlift can never be as flexible and responsive.

3. No relocation costs or extra life challenges

We all have those special people around us who can help make life easier. Whether friends, neighbours or family our support network is something to cherish. So, not only will you avoid all the costs and upset of moving, you can stay close to the people who matter to you.

4. No care costs

Avoid moving into residential care or having to engage an in-home care company before you really need to. Both can be prohibitive but are also a dwindling resource due to the shortage of quality staff.

5. Protection against the cost of falls

With a homelift, a slip or fall on the stairs, and the injuries associated with this, are no longer an issue. These can include not only the injury itself and extended recovery time but also potential loss of earnings either for the injured person or other family members who will need to provide care or assistance.

6. Reducing support from relatives

We know loved ones want to help, but helping yourself will, in turn, assist relatives and friends if you rely on visits for support. Their petrol and travel costs need to be factored in and those expenses are on the up too.

7. Cheap to run

Unlike energy-guzzling hydraulic lifts from other manufacturers, a Stiltz Homelift runs on 240v domestic mains electricity making it exceptionally economical. Another clever way to keep those costs from rising

8. Adding property ‘value’

By making a property more desirable to a wider customer base such as those looking for future-proofed or accessible homes, installing a Stiltz Homelift can accelerate a sale or increase perceived value to buyers.

9. No extra assistive equipment

If you install a stairlift, you will need to invest in two sets of wheelchairs or walkers; one for upstairs and one for downstairs to remain mobile. Not to mention the extra clutter these items will create in your home. Whereas with a Stiltz you simply get in and go with just the one assistance aid.

10. Lower costs through reliability

A Stiltz is engineered to be dependable so expensive service call outs and costly parts are likely to be minimal. A comprehensive warranty means peace of mind comes as standard.

So, there you have it. 10 great reasons why you should invest now to save with a Stiltz Homelift.

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