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pros and cons of glass roof conservatory

If you have ever considered or thought about changing your conservatory roof there are a lot of options today. Up until 2010, homeowners could only have a glass roof conservatory or polycarbonate roof for their conservatories. Nowadays, there is a broader choice of roof options. Still, a glass conservatory remain one of the most popular choices in the UK.

If your conservatory’s roof looks worse for wear and you want to change it, you might be putting some serious thought into getting a new glass roof. But, what might be the pros and cons of doing so? Take a look at the top pros and cons of conservatory glass roof so you can make an informed choice:

Pro: Glass Roof Conservatory Noise Reduction

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of having a glass roof on your conservatory is that it makes it quiet. That’s because you can enjoy up to 50% noise reduction compared with some other roofing alternatives.

One point you need to bear in mind is that it often rains in Britain. When it rains, you won’t want to hear the raindrops on your conservatory roof sounding like marbles getting thrown onto a sheet of metal!

Con: Temperature Extremes

Have you ever walked into a glass greenhouse during the summer months? If so, you’ll probably remember that it felt like a sauna inside. Similarly, that same greenhouse can become colder inside than outside during the winter.

A similar disadvantage applies to glass conservatories. However, the problem can get rectified with a few simple additions or changes.

For example, you can install blinds on your glass roof to keep your conservatory cooler during the summer months. Also, you can install a central heating radiator to help keep the area warm during the winter.

Pro: Energy Efficiency

Another advantage of having a glass roof conservatory is that you’ll enjoy the benefits associated with energy-efficient double or triple glazing. Glass roofs on conservatories offer insulating properties, resulting in lower heating bills during the colder months of the year.

When you get a new glass roof for your conservatory, the glass can also help to reflect the sun’s rays during the warmer months. That’s great news for keeping your conservatory cool during the middle of a heatwave, for example!

Con: Glass Roof Conservatory Cost

There are many advantages associated with having glass roof conservatories. However, one fact that lets the concept down in some ways is the price. That’s because the cost is inherently more expensive when you can have a polycarbonate roof which can be done as a much cheaper option.

Some people might suggest that you consider a polycarbonate roof instead, for instance, as it’ll work out cheaper. But, such a choice can mean you won’t enjoy all the benefits of a glass roof. Still, you must bear in mind that this is an investment in your home.

Pro: Self-Cleaning

Last but not least, did you know that you can have a new glass roof for your conservatory that contains self-cleaning properties? Certain glass brands offer products that contain a dual-action, microscopic coating.

The way they are dual-action is simple: firstly, the coating reacts with sunlight to break down organic dirt, and secondly, rainwater that hits the glass spreads evenly and runs off, taking that broken-down organic matter with it. To find out more contact us today.