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Double Glazing: A Smart Investment for Your Home

Double glazing windows are quickly becoming a popular choice amongst homeowners. With the many benefits they offer, it’s no surprise why more and more people are opting for them. They can also help reduce energy costs by keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Furthermore, double glazed windows last longer than single pane windows and require less maintenance. All these factors make double-glazed windows a practical and cost-effective solution for any homeowner looking to enhance their home’s energy efficiency. So, if you’re looking to increase your home’s value while reducing its energy costs, consider investing in double glazing.

A double glazing frame may be constructed using four different materials in general. These are: uPVC, wood, aluminium, and steel, in descending order of average cost.

uPVC – Unlike wood or metal, uPVC is an energy-efficient, weatherproof structure that requires very little maintenance and won’t rust or decay. The one possible disadvantage, which also happens to be the reason it’s usually the least expensive choice, is design- related, but if that’s a problem, you can always purchase an aluminium shell or a window with a wood impression to help.

Steel – Steel is the costliest of the four materials, so it’s only worthwhile if you’re very taken with the way it looks. Although it's not as excellent at transferring heat as aluminium, which is a benefit, it’s still more conductive than wood and uPVC.

Wood – Hardwood frames perform far better in terms of energy efficiency than uPVC frames since they don’t transfer heat, are more environmentally friendly to manufacture, and can be recycled. To keep them clean and to prevent them from breaking, they need far more upkeep than uPVC frames.

aluminium – Although you don’t want your window unit to transfer heat, aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, which is negative since aluminium frameworks lose greater warmth during the colder months and retain greater warmth during the summer than uPVC or wood.

Here are our top reasons to invest in double glazing:

  1. Noise Reduction

Double glazing windows are a great way to soundproof any room. Not only do they provide insulation from the outside elements, but they also help keep noise from entering your home. Installing new windows is one of the most effective ways to reduce incoming noise and create a peaceful living space.

The double-glazing process creates two panes of glass with an airtight seal in between them. This creates an extra layer for sound waves to pass through which results in less external noise being able to penetrate the window. With thicker glass it helps further by blocking out even more unwanted sounds from entering your home. The same principle holds true if you’re looking to stop noise from leaving your house as well.

Installing these windows is a wise investment for any homeowner who’s looking to soundproof their space and create a more peaceful environment inside the house. In addition to providing insulation from the outside elements, having double-paned windows will also help keep unwanted noise out. If you’re looking for an effective way to reduce noise inside your home without compromising on style or comfort this is a great option.

2) Saving on energy bills

Energy bills can be expensive, especially when it comes to heating and cooling your home. If you’re looking for ways to save money, then you might want to consider getting double glazed windows installed in your property. Double glazing is an excellent way to improve the thermal efficiency of a property. It does this by reducing air leakage and providing insulation from the outside environment. This means that homeowners can save money on their energy bills, as well as helping to protect their home from external weather conditions. In addition to this, double glazing provides better insulation than single pane windows by
trapping pockets of air between the two glass panes. This makes it more difficult for hot or cold air to pass through, further improving the energy efficiency of your home and helping you save money on your bill’s.

3) Security

One of the main advantages to installing double panes is that it offers superior levels of security in comparison to single-glazed windows. The two panes are harder to break into than just one, making it much harder for intruders to gain entry into your home. Double glazed windows come with multiple locking systems as well so you can be sure that your family is always safe and secure. If intruders break into your home, they may try to use tools such as crowbars or hammers in order to smash through the glass. Double glazing is much harder for them to break through than single pane and will help to protect both you and your family from harm.

4) Stops moisture and dampness

If you notice a small amount of condensation located within your window, it implies that the air inside the home is warmer than the window. The colder temperature of the window causes moisture droplets to collect, which can lead to dampness that might possibly be harmful to both your health and the window frames. Due to the two panes, dual windows lessen the chance of condensation. This will lessen the chance of dampness and the resulting damages by keeping the panel inside the house at the same temperature as the air inside. As a result, it will be simpler to maintain and less prone to sustain serious, irreparable damage.

5) Brings Value

Whatever renovations you make to your house will raise the value of the property.  Homeowners seek out residences that will require little to no maintenance after they move in. Due to this, dual windows reassure prospective customers that they can provide the advantages of higher insulation, decrease noise, and even enhance security.

This Is Money reports that the average price of a property has increased by 9.4% since last year. This implies that you will need to make your house buyer-friendly because buyers are now seeking for homes that will provide them with everything they need right away. Your home’s value is raised with double glazing by about 10%. This implies that if you bought your house more than a year ago, fixing the windows on it may result in a return on investment of about 19.4%.

6) Reducing carbon footprint

The advantages of installing double glazing where a single paned window had existed have long been understood. Because to its insulating qualities, they aid in reducing draughts and heat loss from a home, resulting in less energy being used by a heating system. As a result, the temperature on the thermostat may frequently be decreased as well as the period of time the heating is on. We could save almost £200 million if double glazing were installed in every period property in the nation. Furthermore, installing double glazing would cut carbon emissions by almost 700 kg per home. If this reduction occurred throughout the nation, the carbon footprint would be significantly reduced, making the 2050 goal more than attainable.